Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Elder Ryan Nelson

Look who was married today...
Elder Ryan Nelson married darling Sarah!

We are so happy for them.

  And it is always fun to get together with all our missionaries
around here….  Elder Tyler Chatwin and Elder Spencer Smith
from Mesa and Elder Jacob Fullmer flew in from Maryland.

Great to catch up with all of them…

I told them that I was just in the bread store and 4 Elders walked in…
I talked to them for a while and bought them a sandwich.
I had a few tears… I explained that I have been home a year
from my mission.  Then one of the missionaries asked
how my personal studies were going.  
I loved that he asked me that question.
They have not been as good as in the mission field.
But I read every day… from the Book of Mormon.
He was told that many missionaries that have been
home a year really drop off of their personal studies.

Let's not fall into this category.
I hope that every one of you are still reading
and feasting on your scriptures.
It makes life so much sweeter!
We miss and love you all.
Keep up the good missionary work too!

and again
 Congratulations to Ryan and Sarah!