Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve....

We had a little something of everything tonight.

We started with dinner together with our office Elders at Chili's.
We then ran home and performed for my 
extended family Christmas Eve Program via Skype.

The Elders were so fun...

President Turk and I stood in the picture all by ourselves at first.
We said... Feliz Navidad from Peru
We miss you all... you look great.
But we have never been alone on Christmas.
This is our first time...

Then all of a sudden... Missionaries heads come popping in the picture
from all directions.
We start to laugh and then we said...
What we really meant to say is 
We can never be alone... Ever!

Then our missioanries introduced themselves and where they were from
and they sang a fun Christmas song for my family.
We listened to a few of the other families sing... then said goodbye.

 We then played the Christmas Bells...
and we played some games... 
We went and took some presents to a widow and her family...
and sang a few carols to them.
 We came home had a fun little gift exchange game...
President gave us some thoughtful remarks on the Savior.
We knelt down together in prayer and gratitude
for the Savior of the World.
We ate a little Key lime pie or chocolate tres leches cake
and then we called it a night....

No, we called it a FANTASTIC Night.

Each of our missionaries spent the evening with their districts
Eating a beautiful meal and watching an approved Christmas movie.
Tomorrow they talk to their families and then they are going to
run from family to family, member to non member
spreading a little Christmas Cheer, singing some Christmas carols
and giving a Christmas Message.