Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tears, Tears, Tears...

It has been a teary day.

I haven't slept well for two nights because of a bug I have had.
I was downstairs at Wong Grocery Store checking out with some
groceries a few days ago... President was out teaching.
I got to the register and I thought I was going to faint.
I grabbed the stool at the register behind me and sat down
and lowered my head.  The cashiers were so cute, they
grabbed some cotton and put some strong smelling alcohol on it
and shoved it under my nose.  I grabbed my phone and somehow 
pushed the green button.
It was lucky Elder Fackrell's number.
I gave a quick cry of distress 
and in about 20 seconds, he and Elder Mecham
had flown down the 3 flights of stairs and ran through the store and 
were at my side.  They got me and my groceries and my embarrassment
out to my car.  I told them to please just drive me home.
They are so obedient that they quickly called the President
and he said that he was on his way... He did not want them to drive.
Missionaries do not drive here in Peru.
The President did come quickly but the missionaries, I'm sure, were 
bummed about not being able to drive in an emergency.

I am telling you this exciting story so that you can
understand how I feel today.
That little bug I had, brought with it a whole beautiful row
of burning fever blisters on my bottom lip.
There are not enough pills or ointment that can cool 
this raw throbbing pain.
The slightest bit of wind or sun or touch or drink or smile
or words can trigger tears of pain.
Just typing about this is killing me.
I have more sympathy for those that get cold sores now.
It has kept me awake for the last two nights.
It is as bad as bamboo under the fingernails kind of pain...
or Worse.

It always happens in the busiest week of your life.
With all this dramatic background you can understand all my tears today.
I'm a little teary with lip pain and very emotional from lack of sleep.
President was telling me the sweetest stories from the missionaries
about their investigators today and I cried.  There have been tender 
feelings for a missionary not being obedient and I cried.
There were tears from Christmas cards and letters 
and videos from home that came today.
I cried some more.
We were at the Mall and I saw that
the new Chili's restaurant opened
... I may or may not have shed a little tear of joy.

There are always and will always be tears of gratitude.
I have had tears of gratitude every single day 
that I have been here.
And today was no different.

Today just seems to be one of those "buckets of tears" kind of days.
But I am Woman... Hear me Roar
and then I will probably cry again!

Sorry, No photos today...

*Blistery lip - Gross, no way
  * Dizzy spell - Hard to capture
*Wong grocery store - Been there, done that
*Me crying - Ugly

This Photoless blogspot...
 makes me cry.

But tomorrow is another day!