Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Greatest Christmas Present Ever!

I have already told you that our daughter Molly and her husband 
are expecting a baby in March...
We are so grateful to be going home to a new baby girl.

What a beautfiul gift!

and then...
We received a gift from Parker and Hali in the mail
and Guess What?

Another grandchild is coming in June!

We are thrilled!
I started to cry when I opened the box...
and we were in the middle of our Zone Leader Council..
I burst into that meeting with all 36 Elders
and I think I threw a "Superstar"pose
and yelled 
"We are going to have another grandchild"

President and I grabbed each other and spun around.
The Elders were high-fiving each other.
They are all going to be uncles again...

Do you realize that when we left we had two little grandsons.
When we go home we will have six beautiful 
Grand babies....
This is really fantastic for only having two children producing.
We tripled our babies in the time we were gone.

I am going to have to serve a lot more missions so that I 
can have many more grand babies..,..  
The best gift EVER!

Congratulations to Parks and Hali!