Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, December 3, 2012


The Elders were getting in the Christmas spirit today as they were 
preparing the offices for the Holidays.

Elder Cook was the office mascot??
I don't know...

Elder Guerrero about started to cry as several
Elders tried to place the star on the top of the tree.
In his home you do not place the star or angel on top of the tree
until the entire tree is finished.
So even for the photo... he would not place it on.
He did finally finish the tree and was able to place it on the top
with a little tear streaming down his cheek.

We had another practice for the program today.
These gentlemen are like my Il Divo group of singers.
I made them practice with drumsticks as their microphones.
They sound fantastic by the way.

I think parents would be shocked and thrilled by what we 
can get the missionaries to do out in the field.
Their talents are growing and are magnified as they use them
in the work of the Lord.

By the way...
It is the same with every member anywhere you serve.
If you say yes to a calling and jump in with all your heart
your talents and abilities improve as you
serve in His Kingdom.
And again it is to our benefit... We can never catch up 
or repay the Lord for His blessings to us.

It is so Beautiful.
We sincerely thank our Heavenly Father!