Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Program in the Plaza...

Here we all are right before the last program in the Plaza.
The missionaries looked and sounded like Angels.
They truly were a light to Trujillo last night.

It is just a magnificent backdrop for a special program.
After we performed the Nativity with narration, songs and multimedia...
We threw in a few more songs to explain who we are
and what we believe and where to find us 
if they want to listen to the Gospel.

We have just one afternoon for practicing with everyone.
The missionaries listen carefully and focus intently. 

Here is the short stomp segment from "Seize the Day"

The crowd went crazy when we waved the Peruvian flag
after singing the great song 
"Do you hear the people sing" from Les Miserables.
We changed a few words in the Spanish version
to represent religious freedom.

It is so sweet that all these missionaries from all over the world
can come here and fall in love with 
this country and the people where they serve.

We have a Colombian raising the Peruvian flag
with North Americans, Mexicans, Chileanos etc...
holding him up 
and then our whole choir erupts in cheers with them. 
We all love Peru!

Elder Cornejo was our narrator and oh what a talent he has with that microphone.
Our missionaries cheered the first time they heard him.
He was also over all publicity and printing.
Elder Richards is the only one that I could trust on the computer
with all the background music behind the narrations
and with all the special musical numbers, music to the fireworks
sound effects etc...
He was also the voice and Ho Ho Ho's of Santa.
He is extremely talented.

Here are Elders Castillo and Castillo.
Elder Castillo standing was our drummer specialist.
Elder Castillo (sitting down) was our multi media specialist.
He had the bible videos of the Nativity running behind narration
and then he would freeze them and put up still shots and 
then start the video again.... etc.. It was perfect.
and a lot of hard work.  He also did all of our power points 
for the devotional and videos behind special numbers
and a slide show of all the baptisms put to music 
that ran the whole time we were eating cake
and taking photos.

Elder Mecham helped with all the multi media also and did all the translations
for my talks, any songs, and One Solitary Life which 
Elder Guerrero read with background music.
Elder Guerrero was also in charge of the physical facilities.
He had all the reference tables, materials, buildings, etc...
Poor Elder Mecham is my go to guy for anything and everything.
He never lets me down.
His list is always as long as his arm.
He is over all the missionaries... getting them wherever and 
whenever they need to be somewhere.

No matter which way the camera was facing... 
 all you could see were throngs of people.
 I was getting a little nervous as people were crowding up towards the front
to take pictures.

We want to thank all the members that came and brought their friends
and neighbors.  It was a sight to behold.

 Our reference tables were stationed all over the plaza and 
they were mobbed.
And that's what we wanted.
Look at this view...  People Everywhere.

We finished with the crowd pleasing song...
We are the World... Somos el Mundo
the audience joined in on the last chorus.

We always have Santa come and head out in the crowd 
with our missionaries following him.
They all have bags of candy and are able to talk to the people
Greet them, Invite them, Wish them a Merry Christmas, etc...

This year the show was entitled  "Light of the World"
and in the last line of the show we said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
in honor and love for our Savior Jesus Christ,
who truly is the Light of the World
We give you now a glorious show of Light.

Then we had a barrage of fireworks 
with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing
the Hallelujah Chorus and Joy to the World.

It was a Spectacular Ending.

Elder Cook and Elder Fackrell were in charge of the white doves,
the fireworks, all the permits and city paper work, 
all the food, and they were performers.
They really did so much more that I can't list what they did.
Thank you to Elder Sandiford my photographer 
and Elder Levos my Videographer.
Videos still to come.
The office elders were also in charge of all the lighting, 
the large screen, the sound systems, the chairs etc... 
The list is long but it was worth it.