Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Rash of Marriages and Engagements...

For those in the mission field that haven't heard about these 
weddings and engagements here in the states
Take a Look!

Hermana Doxey and Elder Farnsworth
are getting married on the 21st of December
I am not sure which Temple they are getting married in.

I think that he proposed the night of the mission reunion.  
Congratulations.. We love it.

Elder Armstrong is marrying Jodi Farnsworth
She is perfect for our Elder Armstrong...
They moved their wedding up to this upcoming weekend...
We can't wait!
They are getting married in the Mesa Temple.

Elder Ebmeyer married Hillary Whiting this last weekend.
We were so happy to see them at the reunion and meet Hillary.
She is Darling!
They were married in the Salt Lake Temple.

And I am sure that everyone knows about this engagement...
Elder Yat and Hermana Shearman...

What a surprise to her....

We are so happy that he had mended from the accident enough
to travel to Utah in time for the reunion.
I don't know which Temple they are choosing either.

Elder Hendrix changed the date for his wedding 
and he and Melissa Morris were married 
on the day of our reunion in the St. George Temple.
We are so happy for them.

Elder Glasgow was married to Courtney Smith
this last weekend in the Idaho Falls Temple.
We met Courtney at the reunion too.
How exciting..,,,

Congratulations to all of these 
and please send me pictures and info and updates 
on all things happening...  I will post as many as I can.