Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Flight Cancelled?

We packed up all our stuff quickly after conference and 
did a really fast getaway to the airport
avoiding all traffic and people.

Everything went so smoothly.
We saw that our flight was on time.
We saw and  hugged 
dear friends in the airport and then high tailed it down
to the gate.  We sat for an hour and they finally announced that
our flight would be 45 minutes late.   Then 45 minutes later 
they said that there was a water leak in the cabin that they were cleaning
up and it would be a little more time...
Then another 30 minutes later they announced the flight was cancelled.

They were sorry but all the flights out tonight were also filled.
We got on a flight in the morning at 11.
We were bummed until we realized we get to go back 
to the Little America restaurant in our hotel.
 They have the greatest homemade rolls in the world.
All of the food there is outstanding.
We will have an extraordinary dinner.

Bummer about the cancellation but we are looking on 
the bright FAT side of things... 

Tomorrow is another day... We hope that things run smoothly.