Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mission Reunion... Pure Joy!

Well, all the anticipation and preparation was worth it...
Seeing all our missionaries last night brought President Turk and I 
such happiness...  We can't explain it.
Thank you to all who came... and for those that couldn't come,
we were thinking of you and missing you.

We thought we couldn't have a reunion without Inca Kola....

Of course the big joke is.... did Sister Turk get enough food for everyone?
There was food enough to feed every missionary 
that ever was in the whole wide world
Great desserts.. there was more under the tables and in the kitchen and
out in the car... I had phone numbers for the closest pizza places too!

Gourmet popcorn...  chicago mix, cake batter and kettle corn...

The food was not important ... the missionaries, our children were such the highlight.
And here are some of the greatest missionaries that were there...

 Elder Zarian just returned home from the mission 10 days ago...

Elder Smith is a firefighter in Ogden and He and his wife are 
expecting their first baby in November

Elder Northcott is in leadership at the UVU

Hermana Jackson is at BYU

Elder Christensen is working at Bodyguardz
 This is his wife Viansa.
 Elder Mennis and his wife Kiki are at the Y and he is working at the MTC.
 Elder Tanner Parry has been traveling the world.... and is studying at the Y
 Elder Macy Butterfield married a darling girl from Morgan Utah...
 Elder Facer and his wife Alesha are both attending BYU Idaho...
 Along with Elder Hargis...  oh my Idaho boys... love them
 Elder Ben Wright is at BYU...
 Elder Ebmeyer is getting married in a week.... Congrats!
 Elder Pickett came down from Idaho too...
 Hermana Eddings with her new haircut... cute! She is at the UofU.
 Elder Pruett and Anna, his wife, live in Cedar City and attend the University there.
 Hermana Bell is at USU and is studying Nutrition...
 I started to cry when I took this picture... aren't they darling.
 Of course... Elder Gricius is the photo bomber in the back!
 Inca Kola was a big hit...
 Cafe Rio hit the spot...
 Elder Cottle has not been home long and he is already back 
to his high adventure climbing and biking...
 Elder Spencer is still adjusting from recently returning too...

Elder Jensen is getting married in December...  Yes!

Kelby and Wanda Howard just had a new baby girl 2 weeks ago...  She is beautiful!
 Elder Takishita is married to a beautiful girl, Jessica and they are studying in Idaho.
 Elder Cook is working and studying hard at UVU.
 Elder Jordan Massey is roommates with Elder Anderson at the Y.
 Sweet Elder Brian is studying at USU... a bunch of them drove down from Logan.
 Elder Yat was in that horrible accident in Guatemala that took the life of 
a full time missionary.  But he is recovering and flew in and surprised us all...
 Elder Mecham is studying and working near home... he is at Weber State.
 Elder Colby May is studying at USU...  sorry about the game!
Elder Bourque is studying at BYU... fun to see him, love that hat!
 Hermana Sandstrom is doing well and studying at the Y.
 Elder Pugmire looking good and studying at the Y
 We were happy to see Elder Iler ...  He is so fun.
 Elder Yat surprised Hermana Shearman and asked her to marry him yesterday
She said YES!
 Hermana Petherbridge is studying at BYU Idaho... she drove down by herself... ahhh
 Elder Felt... busy as usual studying and now supporting Elder Yat with 
 a place to live and transportation, learning and well everything.
 Hermana Jewkes married Manuel Vega who was also a missionary in the 
Trujillo mission. He left right before we arrived.
They have a beautiful daughter Sofia.
 Elder Chun just had a girlfriend leave on a mission...
I can't tell you how many of our Elders told me this same story.
 Elder Arthur is studying at BYU and has a missionary out... ha

Elder Anderson is still giving us service constantly..  Thanks for your help with set up.
He is studying at the Y and rooming with Elder Massey

Hermana McVey is married to Ammon Luke and they drove down from 
Rexberg.... their car broke down but they managed to still get to the reunion
we were so happy.
 Elder Nichols married Leah recently and they are both studying and working.
 Hermana Sheridan is in Rexburg...  thanks for coming!
 Elder Gricius is working in Salt Lake City...  
 Here is a picture of President Turk with all his North American Assistants
Pickett, Nichols, McGrath, Hunsaker, President, Mecham, Zarian, Wright, Anderson
 They are so great... I could tell you so many stories of each one of them.
 Elder Hunsaker and his wife missed their flight but they got there just in time.

Here are all the financial secretaries... wait, we are missing Elder Christensen. 
He must have barely left...
He was our first financial secretary that trained Elder Jones.

Facer, Jones, Brian, Richards and Cook
 Elder Aaron Bennett is schooling at USU and Elder Wright is lurking in the background
Elder Cedar Glasgow is marrying Courtney Smith very soon... They are very happy.
 We were so happy to see Elder Logan and his sweet wife....
 Elder Deklerk and Hermana Remp married and now have a sweet baby boy "Davis"
who is only a week old.
 Elder Rose drove down from Idaho... his wife and baby couldn't make it
But it was great to see Lige doing so well.
  Elder Terrlink is studying at Uof U and he also has a darling girlfriend who
just left on her mission.
 Hermana Bakaitis looked beautiful and is finishing her studies at BYU
before going on to flight school.
 Hermana Blake Bahr has a beautiful little family
Her daughter Laura is so darling.
 Elder Perez drove down from Idaho with his brother and some friends
It was great to see him...
  Hermana Hannah Bond is marrying Landon Hardcastle.
They are a beautiful couple.
 Zane Russell came down from Boise.. where he is attending Boise State.
 Johan Sanchez is attending the business college in Salt Lake.
His English is fantastic... I am proud of him.

Elder Merkley is on the Track team at the Y
He was looking great.
 Elder Flansberg is attending BYU
 Elder Qualls is a banker....  
 Elder Arriola is working in Texas and flew in for the reunion
 Elder McGrath is marrying our dear friend Brimley Pothier on January 2nd

Elder Erickson is busy studying at BYU too...

Elder Hurley is still writing music and has formed a band...
He is studying and working like everyone else...
  Elder Hill just returned from Trujillo and is getting into the swing of things.
 Hermana Cornelio is in the States visiting from Lima... We were so excited that she was with us.
 Elder Stephen Richards is back on the swim team at the Y
and is looking so great.
 Elder Mikesell is married to Emily and they are doing great.... 

I have no idea why I missed photos of these two...
This is Elder Farnsworth and Hermana Doxey

Elder Whitehead was there ... he looked fantastic... probably because he just got married.
His wife was working but it was great to see him.  Congrats.

Elder Elmer is attending the Uof U...
I missed getting a picture of him. It looks like he's on the top of the world.

The Hunsakers and Elder Terry.... were a little late and I missed photos of them too.
So sorry, they both looked fantastic and happy.

We can't tell you what a joy it was to be with all of you.
We love you... We want the best for each of you...
and that comes from living a Christ like life.

Let your light so shine...  You are a beautiful gift to those around you.
Open your mouths... Invite others to Christ.
and Keep in touch with us!