Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Washington DC

President Turk was called to Washington DC to fix 
some of the political problems they are having...


No, he was there on business.
I guantee that my husband could solve a lot of
the problems this country is facing...
but anyone that has a pure heart could change 
the attitude of this country right now.

He sent me these photos and they didn't even get me excited.
How sad... It used to be my favorite place to visit.  It is a beautiful city.
The allure of the White House is definitely gone.

Oh the donkey and the elephant are farther away from 
being friends than ever before.

George, Abe, Ronald...  We need you!
All of the noble and great ones that gave their lives
 and talents to lift this country....  and now we are letting it slide.

Thank goodness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ
to guide and direct us through everything.

We have to stay in tune with the Holy Ghost.
The secret to a great life is keeping the spirit
with you at all times and following all promptings immediately

Never Fear,
Our future is as bright as our Faith...  Right?