Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, October 4, 2013

Studio 5 with Brooke Walker

We had a great time this morning with Brooke Walker in her 
studio... filming her tv show -  Studio 5.

She was born to do this.

This is the first time we have seen her since we've been home from Peru.

Her parents.. Mark and Cathi Walker are our dear friends.
Terry and Mark were friends from their mission in Argentina and then
we lived by them at BYU.  This is how our friendship started.

Today Brooke was interviewing Ann Romney
and discussing her new cookbook.

So I just made myself at home and started snapping a hundred photos.

Ann Romney is so gracious and kind.

Brooke is a natural and can handle a lot of pressure.

We watched her tape 5 or 6 segments and there were no flaws.

Good news Hali and Molly...  Ann signed a cookbook 
for each one of you.

Brooke ... we loved every minute.  Thanks so much for including us today.

Now we are just anxious to meet your husband Marc.
Happy, Happy Birthday too...   Brooke had a big birthday today.
You are the Best!