Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, October 4, 2013

Love Utah!

You can't take a bad picture of the temple...
this was just snapped as a quick drive by with
my phone....


We met for dinner with the Fackrells last night before the U of U game.
These are Elder Fackrell's parents from Bountiful
Jim and Patti...  Now we know why we love
Elder Fackrell so much... They are wonderful.
Thanks for the fun Jim and Patti...

Elder Fackrell...  we will see you soooo soon!
 This morning we were on the set of Studio 5 with our dear
friend Brooke Walker.  I will post all about this later...

We are so excited to see our missionaries today!

The reunion will be this evening.
It looks like it will be a great turnout.
Lots of photos to come from this event.

My heart is pounding with excitement.
I need to see my missionaries... NOW!

There are some that we haven't seen for 21/2 years.
This will be a Great Day!