Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, December 10, 2010

Chad Hymas... A New Friend

This is Chad Hymas. He is from Utah and one of the top ten motivational speakers in the world as printed in the

Wall Street Jounal.

While we were in Cajamarca, he was giving seminars at our hotel. Our assistants walked by his lecture room and he stopped them and said, You're not going to believe this, but I was just praying that I had some spanish Books of Mormon for some of these great people that I have bonded with in my seminars. Our missionaries said that we had plenty of Books of Mormon that we were delivering to a stake in Cajamarca and he was welcome to as many as he needed. He invited our missionaries to attend his last seminar of the day and they helped him sign a bunch of them and give them out.

The missionaries brought him to meet us and Elder and Sister Uceda. We had a quick visit and then we had to take the Ucedas to the airport. But he invited us to have dinner with him. While we were eating with Chad, he told us that he served a mission in Thailand before he was paralyzed. He was also married, had two little boys and then he had an accident on his ranch that left him in a wheelchair. He told us a lot of very interesting stories. I wish we could have gone to his seminar. He is an amazing man. He said he would be in Peru in July and would love to come speak to our missionaries. Wow, That would be fantastic.

Chad Hymas sets world record in mega marathon of 513 miles from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas.

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