Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guest Blogger: Hali Nye Turk

One of the very first things President told us when we arrived was that the boys would be playing in a soccer game against the office elders on Christmas Day. We quickly started to think about different elders we needed to add to the Turk team. We were nervous that our non soccer players would need some extra help on the field. Christmas Day came and we still hadn't recruited any players, so we decided to mix up the teams. Parker was on the team with the American elders, and Landon was on the team with the Latinos. It ended up being a very close match. The score was tied 8-8 at the very end, and the boys decided they would end the game after the next goal was scored. It was then that we realized our Latinos were holding back a little bit because Elder Garcia quickly juked Parker and scored very easily. Overall, we had a really GREAT time.

Elder Garcia and Elder Hunsaker. We LOVE ALL these elders.
Nice Block Parker!
Here is our favorite spectator!

What happens in Peru...

While we were discussing our strategies for the big soccer match, Landon let us in on a well kept secret from his past. He told us that while he was on his mission in Brazil, he used to play soccer all the time. He said that the Latinos would fight over who got him on their team because they loved to set him up to score all the goals. He LOVED to score on the Brazilians because it would make them so MAD that an American would score on them.

After Landon told us this story, we sat in a shocked silence for a few seconds before we busted up laughing. Landon is not the type of person to go around bragging about his skills. Actually, he is the exact opposite of that person. I quickly dubbed him the "Golden Toe". As the days went by and the soccer game quickly approached, we wondered if "Golden Toe" would hold up to his name.