Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another perfect day in Paradise...

We started this morning in the office with two of our distircts.
They came in from Huamachuco and Otusco.
We had our opening meeting together. Song, Prayer, Business, and then
Terry and I each spoke.
There is always a special number by one of the districts.
And then the Zone Leaders take over the training.
President Turk starts his one on one interviews.
There are always a few drop ins.
Today, Elder Weathers came looking for some crutches.
Don't worry Sister Weathers, just a small sprain.
It is a chore in Peru to find crutches tall enough for some of my missionaries.
But these will do.
Here are some of the Standards of Excellence
Raffle Winners.
Great Job...
Elder Bennett and Elder Glasgow
and Elder Ogburn and Elder CermeƱo.
Looks like dinner with them later tonight.

But now... while the President is in interviews
and the Elders are in training,
Elder Jones, Elder Andersen and I
are off to inspect a few rooms.
This is always very interesting to me.
You never know what you are going to find.
I make sure that they are keeping their rooms clean
but also that things are in good repair.

They did pretty darn good this week.
So when we arrived back, training was finished and the
President was wrapping up interviews.
There was just enough time for a quick
single elimination, blind draw foosball tournament.
Then off to lunch.
You know, Chicken and Papas fritas
and of course the famous Inca Cola.
Okay, that was the first half of the day.
Then another district came in for the same exact
schedule in the afternoon.
(Florencia de Mora/East Zone )
Missionaries were then out the door at 5:30...
~ To Preach and Teach and Work as Missionaries Do ~

It was another Perfect Day!