Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Great Chain of Events

This is Elder Sutherland.
He was baptized a year before leaving on his mission.
His family was not too supportive.
But he went to a fireside with one of the Twelve Apostles,
Elder Richard G. Scott.
He spoke to Elder Scott after the fireside
and he asked him, "should I go on a mission?"
Elder Scott said, "I cannot make that decision for you, but
Do you want to be a bird that walks or a bird that Soars"

Elder Sutherland left everything behind and prayed that his family would understand
and then was sent to the Trujillo Mission.

(Elder Sutherland finished his mission a few months ago)

One day while Elder Sutherland and his companion were out working
they contacted a police officer that was a vigilante at a school that day.
He said that he would like to hear their message.
They took the referral and then headed out.
They sent the referral to the Elders that were teaching in the area
where this police officer lived.

The Missionaries in this area said they went by but couldn't find the address.

Well, changes happen and Elders were on exchanges so this referral
somehow got put into the garbage.

Elder Mayorga & Sutherland got to this area and were prompted to look in the garbage can.
They found this referral that he had written up
and pulled it out.

They found this family and started to teach them.
The family all loved the message
but at this time the only one that was ready to get baptized
was the eighteen year old son.
So, Elder Mayorga baptized the son, Jorge.

The son fell in love with the Gospel.
His life was changing and he was happier than he had ever been.

And the family was watching him.
The daughter then came home from college.
and there were new missionaries in the area... Elders Tapia and Erickson
They continued to teach the parents and the sister.

Last week while we were in Chimbote,
the mother and daughter were baptized.
It was so special to be there and feel the excitement and love
this family has for
these missionaries that stayed with them and kept
teaching them.

Elders Tapia and Erickson baptized the mother and daughter.
The Father of the family has been attending church and is getting closer
to his baptismal date.
We will see which Elders end up baptizing the Father.
It is a sweet continuous chain of Missionaries teaching
Line upon Line, Precept upon Precept.

Until... well, look for yourself, a whole wonderful
family becoming closer and ready to be sealed
Together Forever!

The son is turning 19 now and is preparing to serve a mission.

And the chain continues....