Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Elder Nash... A Good Sport!

President Turk came home on Friday morning and said that he had just talked to Lima. The Area Presidency was coming for some training and a fireside and Elder Nash wanted to stay in our home for the night.
Super... We love to have company.

But remember the last time I was with him,
I made him pull his car over so that I could throw up.
That was uncomfortable.
But, bring it on, let's just get this over with.

He showed up late Friday night and
we did the necessary small talk and laughing about the car sickness.
Then off to bed.

The next morning at breakfast, we were all eating Lucy's delicious
pancakes and eggs
and we were talking about our sweet missionaries.
One in particular is going through a sad time.
I started to get a little teary and as I was dabbing my eye, I got mascara in it.
It started to water like crazy. I was wiping it
and trying to stay focused in the conversation.

Terry was on the same side of the table as I was, so he couldn't see my face.
I was looking straight at Elder Nash.
We had a wonderful conversation and as we were finishing,
Elder Nash said,
Wow, I just make you cry and throw up.
Uh oh, I didn't have a good feeling with that comment.
I excused myself and went up to my room and looked in the mirror
and oh my...
I looked like this.

Mascara all over underneath my eyes.
Yes, chalk up another great moment with Elder Nash.

I can't wait until we are with him again.
What will it be...
Broccoli in the teeth, a hole in my clothing, tripping down some stairs...
hum mm
Do you think I just jinxed myself?