Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, February 25, 2011

Up on the Roof...

I told you that I love to go check rooms, right?
You never know what you are going to find.
This week: Chimbote

Half the fun is climbing up, onto, around, through
and over some amazing things to get
into the missionaries rooms.
Once you are there, some of the things you find are
just as interesting.
This week we found a lot of animals.

The higher the missionaries live,
the more likely they are to share the roof
space with guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, chickens,
cats and birds.

While checking rooms...
It is so sweet to come across one of the
new missionaries calendars.
They are always counting every day
and crossing each one off carefully.

But in a couple of months, they will forget this method.
They will start to love life and
really understand why they are here.
The missionary way of life kicks in
and then they are too tired and too busy and too happy
to make those little check marks.

This is Tofi... One of those roof dogs I told you about.
He lives on top of a three story house.
Some of our Missionaries live on the third floor
here with Tofi.
One day Tofi lost his balance and fell all three floors down.
Now poor Tofi's hips are not behind him, they are to the side of him.

This bird is part of the Hermanas companionship study every morning.
When they start to talk to each other,
this bird has to chime in too.
He is very loud and very opinionated.
The sisters have to yell...
Please Be Quiet Paco!