Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, Martes, ~ whatever you call it

We had more of this today... A large district in for Interviews,
training and a little fun.

While this district was in the office, President Turk's Mission Presidency's Secretary,
Alexis, popped in to finish some work like he always does.
(Alexis on the left below) Somehow Elder Del Aguila,
one of our full time missionaries got together with him and they realized
that Elder Del Aguila's older brother
baptized Alexis about 12 years ago in this same mission.
Elder Del Aguila is following in his brothers steps now as he has been
in three areas that his brother has served in.
He keeps running into his wonderful converts.
(Alexis & Elder Del Aguila)

This is Elder Barinas.
He is not happy because he got stuck with cleaning out the stinky
little refrigerator in the office.
When I saw that it needed cleaning, I made them play the game that we used
to play in our family when I was young.
We would put the names of the chores on pieces of paper.
Then we would fold them and gather in a circle.
Someone would throw them up in the air
and we would all grab one.
Whatever you had written on your paper was your chore.
Well, Elder Barinas got the paper that said
Pobrecito.... with skull and crossbones.
I guess that was the assignment
for the this stinky fridge.
Thank goodness it is so small.
I will do a follow up picture after it sparkles.