Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, February 21, 2011

Slingbacks and Things

We were with these great gentlemen today. It is the Porvenir Zone
with Elders Gricius and Warren as Zone Leaders
We did some surprise room checks...
Whoa, I will make sure to let everyone know
that I am coming next time.
I tell the Assistants
to Leak that it is a possibility
that Hermana Turk will come and see
your rooms.
They definitely forgot today.
It sure is a great start to get these rooms
under control.

I will not show you the bathrooms.. eeek!

While we were out driving we passed the giant slingback
in the middle of the road.
You see, Trujillo is the shoe capital of Peru.
And Porvenir is the shoe making area
for Trujillo.
Hence the giant Slingback.
The Elders were saying.. "What's a Slingback?"

Oh silly men...
The things they learn on a mission!
Giant shoes are fun!
By the way, this style of shoe is a slingback.

(Sometimes there is too much testosterone around me)

Elders Huntington, Almanza,Mayorga, Nichols, Facer, Warren, Chuiz,Villena, Riveros, Mikesell, Howard,
Gomez, Espin, Farnsworth, Casupa, & Gricius make up Porvenir Zone.
They are a fantastic group... We Love you!