Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Follow up for Parker...

When my son Parker was here at Christmas time,
he had the privilege to go out teaching with the Elders.
He was able to teach a sweet lady named Laura
about the Gospel with Elder Edmunds.
She had taken the lessons a few times but was struggling to commit.
They had a very sweet experience testifying about the Temple.

This is Laura. She got baptized!
All three of her children are members of the church.
Her son served a mission. Her oldest daughter's husband is a Bishop,
and her 18 year old daughter is very active.
And now she has joined them.
How exciting.... Her children must be thrilled.

She was baptized by Elder Edmunds 3 weeks after Parker left to go back home.
But before Elder Edmunds left a week ago,
he gave us some of the pictures of her baptism.
Congratulations to her and thank you
Elder Edmunds for the photos.
Thank you Elders!
(Elders Facer, Chacaltana Edmunds, Laura, Elders Retamal, Tabaco, & Rivera)