Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Road Warriors!

On the road again with this guy... I am so Lucky!
(and happy that I don't have to drive)

And of course we had the Assistants with us.
This is when we pulled over because Elder Mayorga had some car sickness.
Thank you Elder Mayorga for picking the most scenic spot.

I am telling you, these roads have Crazy Curves, Narrow Switchbacks
Speed Bumps, Giant Potholes, and are absolutely too uncomfortable to even
try to get a little nap.
But it is beautiful.

Look at this truck! It is not fun being behind these guys.
Asparagus harvest.... We try to find the one with the biggest load.
They are unbelievable.

Here we have arrived in Cajamarca.
The cutest little City in Northern Peru. I love it here.
I am getting very sentimental about this place because
in a few short months it will belong to
the Chiclayo, Peru Mission.

We were met by these men.
There are 12 missionaries serving here.
Remember, I call them the
Cowboys of Cajamarca.
(Gomez, Bourque, Morales, Huere, Burymski, Vilchez, Wright, Prebe, Rojas,
McGrath, Pillajo, & Cayhuan)

Outstanding Missionaries. More about them later...