Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Mama YuYu

This is one of our Great Pensionistas here in the mission
Her name... Mama YuYu.
Every Missionary has heard all about her.
She lives high up in the mountains near Huaraz in a place called Caraz
This is the cutest picture Ever!
Pensionistas are the cooks for our Missionaries.
They are woman that are given this calling in their wards or branches.
They cook 2 or 3 meals a day for a pair of Elders or Sisters.
Our missionaries give them the money to buy the food
and they prepare it and serve it.

This calling would be
a huge challenge for me.

When Elder Jones lived in Caraz, Mama YuYu was his Pensionista.
She has been a pensionista for almost 30 Years.
Every missionary begs her to prepare them Cuy
which is of course Guinea Pig.

Mama YuYu says that she is getting too old and sentimental to cook Cuy now
because she feels bad killing these cute animals.
She doesn't want to be known as
Assassin YuYu.
But she does it so that the Missionaries can experience the traditional
Peruvian Dish.
Meg and Ike you will love this. (ha ha)
Missionaries love the great photo ops to send home.
This is seriously wrong... I am practically a vegetarian any way
but wow...
It takes a whole day of preparation for a little bit of meat.
Being a Pensionista is a lot of hard work.
This of course is the bad part of the dish
They leave the face on the plate just looking at you.
She remembers every missionaries name and where they are from
that she has fed for the past three decades.
We are having a conference to celebrate these
hard working women on Thursday.
We have about 90 pensionistas in our mission.

More to Come...

Muchas Muchas Gracias Mama YuYu