Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, March 18, 2011

The X's and O's of the Mission Life

To explain to you how intense missions can be I am taking you to my Telestrator.
Mission playbooks are thick and you need to be ready to improvise.

It's good for missionaries to go on exchanges
meaning they swap companions for a day or two.

This way they are learning from and teaching each other.
They can focus on skills and training.

Here we have three companionships
Orange XO, Purple XO and Yellow XO.

So orange XO companionship splits and pairs up with purple XO.
Orange X and purple O split and go with yellow X and O.
Purple X and orange O head out together.
Purple O and yellow O go to their area.
Lastly orange X and yellow X are on their way out to teach.

Story #1 - Purple X and yellow O head to a referral by a member in purple X's area. They get confused with a bad address and decide to go to the members house that referred them. They knock on the door. A young man opens the door to the missionaries, Yellow O (just on exchanges in this area) and this young man start to hug... four years before this was the missionary that interviewed him for baptism in Cuzco where he is from. He also had gone out teaching with him before his mission. He had no idea that this young man was from Chimbote.
It was a sweet reunion.

Story #2 - Older orange X missionary went with younger yellow X missionary and taught him how to give the baptismal challenge in the first discussion. Yellow X tried it on the next visit and the man accepted the baptismal invitation as he felt the spirit and is going to study and attend regularly.

Story #3 - Orange O and Purple O made contacts and visited referrals. Their last contact was a lady they met on the street. Purple O was making polite conversation and asked her when her baby was due and the lady said she WASN'T pregnant. Orange O was thinking the same thing but grateful he didn't ask her. They didn't get the chance to teach her because they just got out of there.

And the training and exchanges continue...