Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Salaverry - Port City

Yesterday I went with Elder Andersen and Elder Jones
to Peru's equivalent of Home Depot.
It is called Sodimac.
We had to pick up supplies for some of the Missionaries rooms.
One thing we needed to get was some paint.
Elder Jones thought orange would be good.
Oh surprise, look at his tie.

We went with a creamy - cream that
they both thankfully agreed on called Hearth Candle
We delivered some supplies to the city of Salaverry.
It is a port city that Cruise Liners come to in Peru.

While we were there we found Noah's Ark.

We were delivering the paint to Hermana Bakaitis and Ortiz
These two sisters live in Salaverry and when we took the supplies to them
the whole town seemed fine and calm.

But everyone was
evacuated last night because
of the
fear of the Tsunami.
President Turk and I drove to pick them up and
met them at the Chapel.

The people in Salaverry were so nervous that even the elderly
and the mom's with new born babies walked up this
sandy mountain in the background of this photo.
This photo was taken in the day
but the people were climbing in the dark.
The Hermanas stayed in Trujillo and then woke up and
went right back to Salaverry to work.
Nothing happened on the Peruvian Coast.

This was the only disruption in the mission
and it was because of
some extreme
and fear