Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Schnauzer/Dachshund Mix?

I love when President Turk gets to go out with the missionaries.
It is really the highlight of his week.

This week he was out with
Elder Shaw and Elder Retamal on Tuesday.

And Thursday he was out with
Elder Jones and Elder Andersen

Both times they had great teaching experiences and important visits.
They also had baptismal invitations accepted.
President Turk is so impressed with the missionaries using every minute
to teach, contact, serve, visit, bless and inspire.
Congratulations Elders!

They had an extra companion follow them the whole time too.
These dogs are hilarious.
They follow the elders and then wait outside their appointments
and then get up and follow them again.
They will do this for hours.
Not a great picture of the dog that followed them today
but you get the idea.

President said that a dog followed them on Tuesday too
but he didn't get a picture.
I asked him what kind of a dog it was
and he said it was a schnauzer and dachshund mix.

I laughed and said
"yeah right there is no such thing."
He told me to look it up...

This is the picture I found and I laughed so hard.
These dogs are not found in Peru anywhere.
I am sure of that.

He definitely has his breeds mixed up.
He will make sure to take a picture next time.