Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Madness or Sadness...

Last night we were in Cajamarca, Peru.

We had finished with the missionaries and it was getting late.
So we walked through the Plaza to our Hotel
to grab a bite to eat and head to our room.
While we were in the restaurant, the Phoenix Suns game came on the
Television right next to our table.
(ESPN deportes- Spanish)
We were Psyched. We haven't seen a game in over a year.
We ran upstairs to our room and turned it on.
This was at 10:00 pm
Terry also got on his computer and turned on the BYU game.

How exciting was this. Both games going at once.
and no meetings or missionaries...
This has never happened and will never happen again.
It was like all the planets and stars aligned,
It was the perfect storm.

And I mean that...

It turned into a horrific storm.
Both of our teams got destroyed.
We feel like maybe we cursed them.
I don't know if we will be watching
anymore basketball.

I mean...
!Ay, Caramba!

Oh by the way... my commentary on the whole BYU situation...

Let our Light so Shine before Men...

We are here on earth for a bigger purpose than Basketball
Money, Politics, and Championships.
BYU did a great thing.

Yes, Put us in the spotlight.
All day, every day
People need to know that there is a glorious God on high
and He is teaching us the higher way to live.
And you know what comes from living His ways?
Pure Joy and Happiness!

Let's stand for Honor, Truth, Integrity
It really matters what we are doing on this earth
Every Single Day.

Let's do the right thing and represent HIM well.