Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carnival in Cajamarca...

We usually stay here in Cajamarca.
Remember the balcony is the room we stay in and it overlooks little Jahaida. This time we stayed in another hotel because you can see that they are getting ready for Carnival. It is the largest Festival in Peru. I guess it can get pretty crazy here and very noisy.
The new hotel that we stayed in is beautiful but the problem was I couldn't go
outside and check on Jahaida.
I did go and see her. I yelled her name from across the street and she came running.
We hugged and kissed. She jumped on President Turk and the Missionaries.
We walked over to her cart and there on the ground next to her was
her little sister. She has tumors on her spine. They are getting worse.
So she wasn't sitting next to her she was laying down.
I couldn't take it. I went to go find the mother to see what we could do
but they had the streets all blocked off because of the Festival.
We had appointments and missionaries and lessons waiting, we had to go.
President Turk told me we could find her the next day and
figure something out.
We went back the next day and they were not there.
We never saw them again before we left.
I was crushed, but I am calling the Zone Leaders
and getting the missionaries involved.
I love these little kids so much.

By the way, we never really did get any sleep even in the other hotel.
The speakers in the square are very loud and they go all night.
We also had drummers underneath our hotel window.

The missionaries will all go with the Bishops and their families
on Ward outings during Carnival
to get away from the craziness.
If they don't go with the Bishops family
they are advised to stay in on Saturday.