Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, March 17, 2011

In the Zone...

... with our Zone Leaders

We started our day off with the Zone Leaders in the office
at the Round Table (well, rectangle)
They were solving the Questions of the World and all Humanity
and then stepped out in the lobby and played
Paper, Rock Scissor for the extra Refreshments.
After solving problems...

It was off to the Mission Home for Lunch
You can go by taxi or you can jump in with
Sister Turk, take her camera and get a cute picture of yourself.

The food is always fantastic and plentiful
The Elders ate milanesa, mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli,
onions, peppers, tomatoes
brownies with ice cream and hot fudge sauce
They loved it so much they brought out Alicia and Lucy...
And gave them a standing ovation!

More photos of our Great Leaders.
We Love Them.