Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chan Chan

President Turk and I were invited by the Porvenir Zone to go to
The city of Chan Chan today for a Preparation Day activity.

We love Chan Chan.

This was our guide who happens to be LDS.
So our tour today was so much different than those
we have had before.
He tied everything in with the timing of the Book of Mormon,
the style of buildings and their religious beliefs. He was great.
The Chimu Empire was entering its peak when Moroni was
burying the plates in New York.

This picture below reminds me that sometimes I feel like I am on
an eternal field trip with a scout group.
I absolutely love it.
I told these Elders that Chan Chan would be a perfect place for night games.
The Elders all agreed.
So many cool hiding places, nooks and crannies
and so many corridors and mazes.

We love to do as much as we can with our zones,
Whether it is out teaching with them, learning with them in District and Zone meetings or having fun activities with them on p-day.
This zone had two Elders with birthdays a couple days before
President Turk.
(Elder Ralph and Elder Wright)
Can you believe it, we are still celebrating his birthday.

Chan Chan was the capital of the Chimu Empire.
It is the largest mud-brick city being excavated any where in the world.
This large city covers about 8 square miles and is centered on 3 square miles dominated by a series of huge enclosures -
the palaces of the Chimu kings.

Above are some of the Kings.... Well, maybe not Chimuvian
but Kings none the less.

They have barely scratched the surface of this enormous mud city.
With the amount of workers they have,
it will take them 600 years with their little toothbrushes to uncover all of it.

Of course on any good field trip you have to stop at the
Golden Arches.

We also went back to the mission home for a speed round
of magnetic darts and some of Lucy's
Brownies and Ice Cream.
Happy Birthday Elders and this is really the
Last Birthday Wish
for you my dear

It is Done!

Elders in Porvenir Zone

Zone Leaders:
Ralph and Warren

Elders: Ancajima, Espin, Villena, Wright, Facer, Mikesell, Casupa, Gomez,
Aquino, Alayo, Huntington, Carranza