Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gas Prices in Trujillo

We had a birthday lunch with these Elders yesterday.
Yep, still celebrating the big birthday.

(Andersen, Jones, Monzon, Mayorga, Barinas, Nichols)

He deserves it though...
President is always taking care of business!

When we talk to our grandson Tillman on Skype
he always says,
Papa... phone
Papa ... phone?

(meaning is he still on the phone)

After we left the Elders it was off to get gas and head to Casa Grande
for the District Conference this weekend.

Here is a picture at the gas station.
After they sell you gas, they sell you bottles of wine.
Nothing like Drinking and Driving.
Can you see the wine bottles up above
Sorry about the photos, they were taken with the phone.

The price for our gas right now is $4.80 a gallon
It costs us mucho to fill up the tank.
These are the prices in soles and not dollars thank goodness.

By the way,
The Conference this weekend was beautiful. Thank you Casa Grande.
Our missionaries out there even had a special number during the Sunday session
and they were fantastic.
Thank you Elders and Hermanas...
You are the Best!