Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We Love Cajamarca....

We had our Zone Conference with these Elders this morning.
Yep, the Cowboys from Cajamarca.
In the afternoon, President Turk and the Assistants went out
to teach with several of them. They had a great time.
And many great teaching experiences.
There is nothing as exciting as watching people
hear truth and seeing the light switch turn on in their lives.

I need one of these mototaxis for sure.
Our Elders use these all the time to get around.
They look like little insects zooming in and out and around the buses.
They are all enclosed because it gets colder up here
in the mountains. It rains here but it never snows.

Look at the colors of Cajamarca.
These are handmade textiles
and they are unbelievably brilliant.

Cajamarca is such a diverse place.
It is a perfect mix of the old and new.
Look at the colors this woman is wearing.
These hats are great too.

Do you think I could pull off one of these hats?
It would save a lot of time and energy on my cut, color, style.

President Turk was out with these two this afternoon
Elder Gomez and Elder Bourque.
They had some wonderful lessons.

One of them was with this family.
The oldest daughter here is twenty. Her name is Rose. She is getting baptized
on the 12th of March. The 12 year old twins are waiting a
few more weeks and they will be baptized with their mother.
The youngest little girl in this picture is their cousin.
The mother is not pictured but the gato is.