Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pensionista Conference (Party)

We had our sweet pensionista conference today.
(Remember, they feed our missionaries)
We started in the chapel.
Elder Jones told about sweet Mama YuYu
Elder Andersen went over some of the reminders and rules of the pensionista.
I gave a few remarks
and then President Turk had everyone in tears as he
told the story of his pensionsista that he had
30 years ago in Argentina.
The enduring influence that each of these woman
has is unbelievable.
Elders will remember them forever.
We then headed out of the chapel...
down the street and around the corner...
to the mission home where I had a surprise banner for President Turk
We welcomed everyone and then it was inside for the Fiesta!
They all sang a glorious Happy Birthday to President Turk
We had some yummy food served by these beautiful ladies.
Alicia, Lucy and Mabell
The flowers were spectacular. I love to buy flowers
and throw them in a vase. They are very inexpensive here.

We can't do much without the help of these Elders.
They prepared the chapel, typed the booklets, set up the projector,
put together the powerpoint
tried the brownies, cookies, banana bread, cakes and sandwiches.
They helped with invitations, name tags, greeting, seating, set up
clean up, speaking, music, birthday sign, photography...

Well, let's just say that we wouldn't want to do it without them.
We Love them so much!

~ FYI ~
President Turk's birthday is Friday, March 25th
It's a BIG one for sure.
Tomorrow he is Fifty Years Old.