Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good News... Bad News.....

We are in Chimbote 
We started early this morning and drove to meet
with the Chimbote Peru Zone for the first Interviews.

Is your son in this Zone?
Zone Leaders:  Elder Hurley and Elder Wallace.
Elders:  Cano, Almonacid, Chicche, Cuya, Espinoza, 
Fernandez, Garcia, Guymon, Huaman, Miranda, Morales,
Nelson, Palomino, Reyes, Ureta, Whitelock and Yupanqui
We had a full day of everything great and good.

Tonight I am sitting in my hotel room and I turned on the 
news while President went with the Assistants
to meet with Stake Presidents.

I don't watch a lot of news here.

And when I do, I am so grateful to be one
step away from all the crazy things that are happening.

Bombings, threats of nuclear this and that, 
political divisiveness, murders, mayhem,
earthquakes, fires...

I have never been so happy to be away.

To be able to give all our focus to the work of the Lord
has been so refreshing, so uplifting,
and life changing...

When we stay positive
and really try to be in tune with the spirit,
our lives can be calm and full of guidance and peace.

I testify that angels are among us.
And today. more than ever