Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

They're Off...

... Back into the real world...
And watch out... this group is filled with dynamic souls.
They are not the same people they were when they came here.
They are better in every way.

Hermanas: Coronel, Lujan, Pillco, Sheridan, Sandstrom and Eddings
Elders: Calcina, Morales, Fuentealba, Herrera, Brian,
Chun, Dickerson, Johnson, Zapana, Sumi,
Velastagui, Sandoval, Sandiford, Perez, DelaFuente and Gamboa

We had a lot of family members come this time.
This is Hermana Sheridan's father from Maryland.

Elder Brian's parents came from Kaysville...

 And Hermana Sandstrom's family came from Utah too.
 It is so fun to meet the families of these glorious missionaries.

 This is their Goodbye video

Their final group prayer...
If I could have one wish...
It would be...
that I could have a glorious reunion with every single
one of my missionaries someday.

I love every one of these missionaries.
They are so precious to me.

Remember Elders and Hermanas,  Do what is right
let the consequence follow!

Les Amamos!