Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

President's Solo...

Lucky Elder Escobar had to come to the office today for 
some paper work and look...
he got a solo performance of Happy Birthday
from his President.
Oh Boy!

Happy Birthday Elder Escobar... We Love You!

We actually had Palermo Zone in today....
It's a small Zone but mighty in action.

The Zone Leaders are Elder Camarena and Elder Armstrong...
Look at the little guy they built...

with hidden compartments and everything...

Great trainings today!
Thank you.

Palermo Zone includes:
Zone Leaders:  Camarena and Armstrong
Hermanas:  Balcaza, Palacio, Connors, Cadillo
Elderes: España, Huayhuapuma, Pesantes, Pulache,
Ramirez and Romney

See you all Tomorrow with Elder Bednar.

There is a chance that Elder Bednar's plane won't 
be able to land because of weather..
There has been heavy fog the past couple of weeks.

We pray that he can...
Good Luck to Us!