Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sight Seeing with the Bramwells

You know... there are a couple of great things to see here 
in Trujillo...  We had a few hours this morning with
the Bramwells so we showed them some of the highlights.
One of them is the world's largest mosaic wall.
This man is the main artisan that we know very well now.
Every time family and friends have come to visit
we head over to the wall and cement a few tiles up in the beautiful scenes.
  It is awesome.

It's fun to look back on the tiles we were placing
almost 3 years ago and see how far the wall has come.
 I love that the city of Trujillo has this beautiful wall of art .

Trujillo also has the largest pre-columbian city in all of South American.
It is the ruins of Chan Chan from the Chimu Civilization....
and dates back to 600  BC to 400 AD
It is completely made of Adobe and has survived all of this time
because of the perfect weather conditions.... hardly any rain.

Then of course we had to take them to Huanchaco...
where it is said to have the longest waves in the world...
not the highest but the longest
The tricksters love to surf these waves that go on and on.

Huanchaco is also known for these ancient reed fishing boats
The boats line the beach and are still used by fishermen every day
for fresh fish for the locals and restaurants.
We have talked about these spots several times... but it is fun 
to get away for a minute with the Bramwells to see them all again.

Then we were off to the airport... We are so thankful 
that the Bramwells came to our mission.
We appreciate all you do  ... Muchas Gracias!