Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dame Paciencia, Por Favor...

You will never guess in a hundred years where we went today...

You guessed it.

We went to the airport..  SURPRISE!

We are there more than the airport workers are there.
We sometimes have to tell the people
at the counter what is up because we have
done this so many times.

Elder Mamani has to head home a few weeks earlier
than his group because of his visa.
He was born in Per├║ but moved to Chile
when he was a child and so
he was going to have to fly to Chile, get his visa
stamped and then fly all the way back to 
finish with just a couple more weeks.

So, he is off.
I love him.
We will miss him.  Gracias Elder Mamani!

But the Lord is good...
He took one and he gave one in the same
trip to the airport.
Elder Caal has been waiting for his visa
from Guatemala and it finally came.
He is so great.... He is a keeper.
I will tell you all about him tomorrow
He will be trained in the morning and sent out with
his trainer to Chimbote.

Bienvenido Elder Caal!

Tomorrow afternoon we have interviews with 
the Elders in Otuzco and Huamachuco!