Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Loving Every Minute...

We got our new Elder Caal all oriented and placed in Chimbote
with one of our great missionaries
Elder Nystrom.

Elder Caal from Guatemala will be trained by Elder Nystrom
and they will be serving in Chimbote Sur.

We are traveling to Chimbote tomorrow
so we will see them and their Zone on Thursday.

We spent the afternoon with part of our East Zone 
that traveled in for Zone Trainings in the morning.
Huamachuco and Otuzco have quite a drive 
so we kept them for interviews in the afternoon.
It is now starting to hit these missionaries that this is  
their last interview with President Turk.

They are getting a little sentimental.
They are asking a lot of questions.
And President Turk is asking them each to
Bear their Testimony to him.

It is a sweet and spiritual time to listen to each of them
testify of what they know to be true
at this young age.
It is amazing that these missionaries can truly
answer all of the questions of life
and know how to deal with all of life's problems
by knowing and living the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

They live it, breathe it, love it, teach it
and watch themselves and others blossom
as they learn to follow our Savior.

These young men were beaming today.
I can't tell you what a blessing it is 
to be around each one of these missionaries.
I cry when I think that I won't be able to 
wake up and physically see them and feel their love 
and excitement and their spirits bouncing around me in
white shirts and ties and skirts and blouses....
And of course, black name tags.

But a sweet thing happened to me today.
I was getting out some of the large trays for
our Pensionista Conference in Chimbote
and I saw the little booster seats that we have 
had here for our grandchildren...
and tears started to squirt out of my eyes...

Folks... what I am trying to tell you is
that I am a basket case.
I am teary over everything these days.
My heart is swollen with gratitude and love
for the experiences I am having.
And my heart is also starting to yearn for those 
little babies at home.

Thank you my dear Heavenly Father.
What did I do to deserve this glorious gift?
These memories will make me happy forever.

Speaking of Happy...
I get to travel with these Elders tomorrow to Chimbote.
It sure makes road trips lots of fun.

We are having interviews with three Zones
We are doing surprise room checks
We are going to the Health Clinics
We are putting on a Pensionista Conference
We are working with and doing exchanges with missionaries
We are meeting with Stake Presidents and Counselors

We are loving every minute!

and dang it... I just ran out of my gummie vitamins.