Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last Round....

Today was the first day of the last round of interviews for us.
Am I being a little dramatic?
Ask the Elders in the East Zone.
I could barely get through my talk...
a few tears were shed...  like a bucket.

This might be a long wet cycle...

Elder Hyde is one of our new Zone Leaders.
The changes happened on Tuesday this week
so he is brand new...
He and Elder Mendoza gave some great training
during President's interviews.

Elder Hyde...   Football Analogies?  I am shocked.

 Some of you didn't know that we have Nixon in our mission

We always have our speed rounds for Preach My Gospel...
The greatest manual for Missionaries Ever!

The electricity went out today while we were together...
but thank goodness for cell phones with flashlights.

You get use to electricity going out
You get use to feeling small earth tremors...
By the way.. we have had many this past two weeks.
I am like a dog... I can feel every one of them.
I will announce that I felt it... and then we look it up on the internet
and yes I am right.
You get use to changes constantly
You get use to a lot of people staring at you.
You get use to cars turning right in front of you from four lanes over

But I can never get use to Goodbyes...
I know they have to happen... I try to talk myself through
them...  But it still hurts.

 East Zone ...thanks for the great day!
We are off to the airport to pick up one of our Hermanas.