Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Captain Crunch the big Winner...

We were with Casa Grande Zone today.
President Turk was interviewing while we were...

Playing Paper, Rock, Scissors...
Practicing our Christmas Program...
We auditioned for a few narrator spots.
We had a 'Preach My Gospel' Speed Search
(like a scripture chase)
for Cereal Prizes.
These are precious to them.
Captain Crunch went first then Frosted Flakes believe it or not

It was fun to add the cereal prizes but we are so thankful for
Preach My Gospel
We love it, live it, read it, and chase with it now.
Preach My Gospel is the greatest blessing for missionaries.
(& everyone)
Then it's time to say so long...' til our Christmas Program
Oh wow, I have so much to do before then. Is it really Thanksgiving already?
It looks like we are all fun and games. Not so, we also
had PMG videos, practicing, teaching, training, & testimonies too.

oh wait, It is all fun.