Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Cowboys of Cajamarca!

Below are the Cowboys of Cajamarca.
There are only 12 of them in this part of the mission.
They remind me of the boys on the John Wayne Movie "The Cowboys"
(one of my favorite movies)

Elders... if some outlaws come and take the President's life,
We want you to stay with the herd and bring them home.
I know that these Elders would do that too.

Some are new companionships and some are the same.
There was training, eating, proselyting, teaching some more eating and then some more training over the past few days. We love them.
I missed them this time, But I will see them soon.

Below is Elder Nash and Elder Davila who came to Cajamarca to change the Stake Presidency. The two on the bottom left are Elder Nash and Elder Davila. The three on the bottom right are the new Stake Presidency.
They are excited to work hand in hand with us to
excite the members on missionary work.

We love new fresh enthusiasm in this beautiful part of our mission.

Let's Go Elders... We're Burnin' Daylight!
(also from the cowboys)

BTW - mini van already in getting body work done...
just a big scratch all the way down the side.