Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Word of Wisdom

So, President Turk was out teaching with these Elders...
Elder Llatance & Elder Wood - who is brand new.
They started at the home of a woman named Angela.
This was her third lesson.
They were teaching her about the Word of Wisdom.
They were telling her how great the Lord was
to give us this beautiful principle.
The Lord has told us not to put harmful substances in our body...
such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, coffee and tea.
Our bodies are temples that house our spirit.
We have to keep them clean and strong.

She paused and said, I have always believed that.
They asked her if she would keep the Word of Wisdom...
She said,
Yes, starting right this minute.

President Turk taught her more and then invited her to
follow Christ and be baptized.
She said that she could feel the spirit tell her that these
principles were true. And yes, she would follow Jesus Christ.

These stories are happening every day all over our mission.
Missionaries don't convert people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Spirit does. All they have to do is listen and then ask Heavenly Father if these things are true.
He will answer sincere prayers.
Millions and Millions have received their own witness
that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

PS ~ Another beautiful thing about Peru is that hardly anyone smokes here.
This makes me very happy.