Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Primavera and so much more..

We had a great time with the Primavera Zone today.
They came in for interviews with the President
and got a whole lot more.

Just a few thoughts...
I came from a very large family.
I have eleven brothers and sisters... 12 of us.
There has always been a lot of love and happiness growing up
with this beautiful mob.
So, I always thought that I would have at least 10 children.
We were blessed with only two. Very different from what we thought.
We are very grateful regardless.
But now our hearts have wrapped around all of these missionaries.

We feel all of the emotions that we do with our own children.
When they have success, we are thrilled.
When they are disobedient, we cry.
When they are sick, we worry.
When they discover and grow spiritually, we are elated.
When they truly understand that they are a child of God with all the
responsibilities, gifts, powers, and blessings
then our mission is complete.

We have been blessed to see these missionaries not as they are now,
but we see what they can truly become.

Thank you Heavenly Father for this beautiful gift
of being with Missionaries!