Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Elder and Sister Nash Return to Peru!

I arrived in Trujillo yesterday afternoon safe and sound
and my luggage made it too... miracle...
 I quickly showered and started the fun with 
Elder and Sister Nash.

Elder Nash is working on the Church History Committee
right now so he is touring with
Brother Richard Turley and Brother Reid Nielson who work for
the Church in this department.

They are interviewing the pioneers of the church
in many countries. I asked Brother Turley which countries
he had been to and after he started to list them
the better question would have been where have you not been?

They are also working on a website to answer
church history questions.

President Turk snapped one photo  at the airport
and it was on movie mode.  Oh well.
 Elder Nash was also assigned to change the Stake President in 
the East Stake here in Trujillo.   While we were sitting on the stand
in Stake Conference this morning... I was on the end of the row...
and all of the sudden I hear... Hermana Turk!
I look over and there are my kids...  looking in the window at me... 
I love the children here... I always have a little group of 
them wherever I go that follow me.
We also had a young boy pass us these pictures 
that he drew of us during Stake Conference.
I love the children here.

We had everyone over for lunch after Stake Conference
and then off to the airport.

It was great to see Elder and Sister Nash again....
Safe travels!