Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mission Division... Again!

Here are a few of the fun photos that President sent me 
from his last drive to Huaraz.

There are always times on the way to Huaraz 
that we slow down for livestock.
I can't tell you how many times I have leaned out the window and 
spanked a cow on the bottom
 to get them moving along.

And we have met the most interesting people along the way

But starting July 1 Huaraz will be in another mission.
They took Cajamarca from us 2 years ago
and now our other beautiful mountain city of Huaraz
will be taken from us.  This is great news actually.
It means that we are growing like crazy.
Peru is adding 2 new missions and it causes a 
domino effiect.  We will miss Huaraz but we are happy 
for the progress.

Below are a few of the photos they sent to me in the states.
I am missing a couple of the companionships
but I am going to publish the others anyway.

Below are the Zone Leaders Elder Quispe and Elder Brian
 Elder Salazar and Elder Oruna
 Hermana Doxey and Hermana Carbone
 Elder Garcia and Elder Prestwich
 Elder Acuna and Elder Vera
 Hermana Lujan and Hermana Romero
 Elder Lorenzo and Elder Yaicate
 and those not pictured in companionships are
Elder Hill, Elder Albujar, Elder DelaFuente, Elder Sarria
I am so sorry that I missed my missionaries and the Stake Conference
there in Huaraz.  This would have been my last Stake Conference
in Huaraz.  Dang!