Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Multi-Zone Conferences in Trujillo

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week they were having
the big multi zone conferences in Trujillo.

Since I am still in Az I can't really comment on all the photos 
that they sent me.

I am heading back down to Peru tomorrow.
I will land on Saturday afternoon
and right when I arrive I will be running at full speed.
We are hosting Elder Nash and his wife 
and a few of the brethren serving on his family history committee.

I will be speaking Saturday night and sunday morning and 
feeding people...  I think.
Good Luck to me!

Enjoy these photos.

I really can't wait to see my missionaries.
I think that they were wondering if I was going to return.

Nothing would keep me from them!
I'm coming back... I will see you real soon!