Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Huaca del Sol y la Luna

President Turk took the office Elders on their preparation day
to the ruins.  More than half of them had not been
to see them.  It was a perfect day.

 This is one of the symbols that adorns
the Temples of the Sun and the Moon...
It is the called the destroyer...  I don't think I will get any china
made with this face.
But I would love china made with these faces below....

 The Elders are always fascinated with all of the rituals
and beheadings and ceremonies that the tour guides talk about.

My son-in-law Landon,  just finished working for the Fender Guitar Company.
It is the company with the world famous guitars played by 
 Eric Clapton and all the great ones.
Landon had a great experience working for Fender in the finance department
but it was on the north side of scottsdale and 
Landon and Molly just bought a home in Gilbert.  
He was spending so much time on the road.
He was blessed and found a great job five minutes from his home.
This will help with three babies 3 and under.

Anyway, he stocked up on guitars and a few of the t-shirts
 so I brought some for the office Elders.

They were all sporting their new Fender shirts for the big field trip.

The office Elders look great...  but even better, they are great
through and through!