Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Little News Flash.... New Assistant!

We were on a road trip early this morning with our 3 Assistants
Yes... it's that time again...
Elder Zarian has been called as the new 
Assistant to the President
to take Elder Mecham's spot.  He is being trained by
Elder Mecham for a couple of weeks before changes.
Elder Mecham is heading out to work hard
for a few more months.
Hopefully he can train....  He needs to have a son.
The way the numbers are going though
he might have to train a daughter or better yet
twin daughters. Not really... but it is a tricky time in all missions
I hear, not having enough Sister missionaries 
to train the flood of new ones coming.

Elder Zarian is the middle child in his family.
He is from Eagle Idaho... They raise 'em good there in Eagle.
Elder Zarian is a Zealous missionary.
We are excited to have his excitement, energy
and expertise in the office.
He will be a great leader to all that are here.

 President and Sister Marler... You will love this new Assistant.
We will have him up to speed on everything before you get here.

 We left Elder Zarian and Elder Mecham in Chimbote to work
there for a couple of days.

Thank goodness because we had to bring Elder Sancé
and his companion Elder Sato back to Trujillo with us 
and straight to the clinic.
We thought he had appendicitis and he is working 
in Cachipampa.  Not a great place to get appendicitis.

But we got him here... he was checked over and it
was negative.  They will run a couple more tests
but we were not going to risk him up in the mountains
with a bad side ache...  better safe than sorry.

We also stopped and saw our little Sandia on this trip.
This time we knew her name... the missionaries went and found her
and asked her her name and met her family.
Her name is Anna Christina and she is 11 years old
and she is so happy.  I love her.
Her family has invited the missionaries over.
I told them today that I could give them a million dollars
but it would be worth nothing compared to what the
missionaries could give them and teach them.
We will see her a few more times before we leave.

We had a wonderful conference with the missionaries
in Chimbote.  I am going to put up their pictures tomorrow.
It is late and we are still receiving health phone calls
and we just finished the birthday phone calls.
Happy Birthday Elder Cook...
You are the Best!

Chimbote Photos tomorrow... Beautiful Group.... Thanks