Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, August 24, 2012

All Together Again.... Chim-bo-te

I have so much to tell you...
But I am only going to give you a little bit.
I could write 10 blog spots on the morning zone conference alone.

I will tell you that in these big zone conferences 
we have all the missionaries prepare a talk on a certain subject.
They have to be really prepared because President
 calls on a couple of missionaries during the meeting to 
present their talks.

Below is Elder Zarian delivering his discourse that was excellent.
Way to go Elder Zarian.

We ate at our favorite restaurant in Chimbote

Elder Vera was in the restaurant taking care of the bill
and he was the last to run out for the photo
so I made him lounge in the front of everyone.
He is really obedient.
I will love this picture forever!

Love these girls...
We are missing Hermana Cornelio
who was in her interview with the President.
too bad...

And here is the rest of the gang in Chimbote.

More on Chimbote Coming...